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Business Administration

Program Year (2020-2021)

About the Program

Students completing Associate Degrees for Transfer are guaranteed admission to the CSU system. Please see the beginning of the "Academic Programs" section for details.

Business Administration is the over arching preperation for options in Management, Marketing, Finance, Human Resource Management, and Accounting. To be successful students need basic competence in reading, written and oral communication, and mathematics. Students in this field should possess an interest in working with others, developing business strategies, and responding to today's competitive business environment.

Students completing this degree are eligible for entry level work in business. The program is designed to teach students practical skills to solve problems, organize tasks, work with and lead others, develop business strategies, make oral presentations, write reports such as business plans or case analyses.

Program Requirements

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Program Goal: Transfer
GE Pattern(s): CSU or IGETC
Program Code: 31940.01AS-T

Program Learning Outcome(s):

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Discuss the context in which businesses operate and the impacts of environmental factors (such as economic markets and technological, regulatory and competitive forces) on businesses.

  • Use appropriate business terminology to describe the functional areas of business enterprises.

  • Assess business scenarios using a systematic, evaluative, quantitative, ethical and information-based approach.

  • Evaluate the legal, economic and social impacts of business decisions.

  • Prepare, analyze, interpret and discuss an entity's basic financial statements, as a basis for business decisions.

  • Demonstrate analytical, teamwork, oral and written communication skills and ethical and professional conduct.

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Required courses:
26 - 27 Units
Required Core:
List A: Select one
List B: Select two
Any course from List A not already used


LaRee Hartman, Chair
(530) 895-2207

Department Office: BE 116
(530) 895-2371

Counseling and Advising:
(530) 895-2378

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