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Computer Animation and Game Development

About the Program

This program meets the lower division major preparation for a similar major at CSU, Chico. Visit website for details

Students in Computer Animation and Game Development use art and technology to design and create multimedia environments that communicate, inform, and entertain. Computer Animation and Game Development provides a foundation for students who wish to pursue further studies in digital animation, video game design, 3-D modeling, texture art, concept art, special effects art, graphic art, storyboard art, and game programming. The program prepares students for transfer to the Computer Animation and Game Development program at California State University, Chico and for similar majors at other four-year colleges and universities.

Program Requirements

Program Code: 31284.02AS

Type: Local

General Education: Butte Local

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Identify and demonstrate the visualization techniques, ideation processes, and the tools and materials used to develop concepts for the video games and entertainment industries.

  • List and describe the formal and dramatic elements that comprise a well- designed video game and conceptualize and refine an idea for a video game.

  • Design and implement computer algorithms and applications using basic computation, input and output, control structures, and a variety of data structures in an object oriented programming language.

  • Use a variety of artistic and technical techniques and tools to translate ideas into multimedia presentations.

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Required courses:
30 - 33 Units
Complete Core Plus One Option
Art Studio Option at CSU, Chico
Communication Design Option at CSU, Chico


Luke Sathrum, Chair
(530) 895-2219

Department Office: AHPS 251
(530) 895-2531

Counseling and Advising:
(530) 895-2378

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