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Advanced Manufacturing

Program Year (2020-2021)

About the Program

The Associate of Science Degree in Advanced Manufacturing program will provide diverse experiential learning opportunities within a progressive curriculum, using advanced technology, industry cooperation, and alumni support to prepare students for productive futures in the Manufacturing industry. This program will present a range of opportunities for students to earn small industry-recognized certificates as well as more a comprehensive Certificate of Achievement in Advanced Manufacturing. Students will additionally have the opportunity to earn an A.S. Degree which is designed to prepare students to contribute in the manufacturing process from design to finish in a managerial capacity. This will be accomplished with training that employs industry tours, internships and hands-on experiences with manual, semi-automatic, and CNC equipment operations that models industry principles and practices during the process of advanced manufacturing.

Program Requirements

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Program Code: 38056.00AS

Type: Career

General Education: Butte Local

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Practice safety skills required on job sites.

  • Use various software tools used in CNC manufacturing equipment and product design

  • Explain the basic principles of feed and speed settings on various manufacturing platforms.

  • Apply precision measurement strategies and unit conversion skills.

  • Interpret technical drawings and schematics for use in cost estimation, scheduling, and manufacturing applications.

  • Manage and maintain the mechanical and electrical systems used in manufacturing equipment.

  • Employ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software that enables manufacturers to perform cost/benefit analysis of various manufacturing techniques.

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Required courses:
0 Units


Russell Pitter, Chair
(530) 895-2586

Department Office: WM 105
(530) 895-2551

Counseling and Advising:
(530) 895-2378

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