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Business Information Worker

Program Year (2023-2024)

About the Program

This is the second tier of the Business Information Worker (BIW) career pathway.  Students completing this next level of certificate will take courses that are designed to build on their BIW solid foundation and allow students an opportunity to become proficient in the in-demand knowledge and skills sought out by employers.

Career related fields include office and administrative support workers, administrative assistants, receptionists, office specialists, customer service representatives, general office and information clerks, and file clerks. This certificate of achievement can be completed in one year.

Program Requirements

For current program requirements -> 2024-2025

Program Goal: Career
GE Pattern(s): None
Program Code: 01313.02CA

Program Learning Outcome(s):

Upon successful completion of this program, the student will be able to:

  • Manage office information in both physical and electronic formats.

  • Communicate professionally and work effectively in a team.

  • Produce business documents with appropriate formatting using word processing applications.

  • Create spreadsheets with financial functions and charts.

  • Plan and deliver individual or team oral presentations for business meetings.

  • Use management software used in today's successful businesses.

  • Apply the features and functions of web-based tools efficiently and effectively in order to meet the desired goals and outcomes of business.

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Required courses:
29.5 Units


Kenneth Bearden, Chair
(530) 895-2213

Department Office: BE 116
(530) 895-2371

Counseling and Advising:
(530) 895-2378

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